The figures for global international students are predicted to boom to around eight million by 2025 and Malta, which has always been internationally acclaimed as a prime English language teaching hub, is set to find itself with an ever-rising share of the tertiary education sector too.

Due to its prime, central location between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, in addition to the fact that Malta, where English is an official language, is a member of the European Union, more and more education establishments from overseas are vying to set themselves up on the island to attract more international students who wish to study abroad with a view to developing the thinking, creative and entrepreneurial skills necessary in our fast-moving globalized world.

Although tertiary education is mainly provided by the University of Malta, The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology(MCAST), and the Institute of Tourism Studies(ITS), there r

also other non-state education institutes offering tuition in specific areas such as marketing and management and IT. A number of foreign colleges and universities such as the UK Barts School of Medicine and Dentistry, The American University of Malta, Global College, and Middlesex University have dual degrees which are accredited by both Malta and at least one other American or European university.

This is exciting news for those in the international student community. It is also interesting to note that graduates in Malta have the highest employment rates in the European Union. Did you know that in 2019, Malta went over and beyond the projected EU target of 82 percent graduate employment? Malta boasts the highest employment rate of recent graduates in Europe, way ahead of larger countries such as Germany and the Netherlands.

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