When you think about studying abroad, you may find yourself surrounded by many doubts, like where are you going to live, how are you going to manage to pay your bills, what kind of jobs can you get, which places are the best to live in…

But when you come to the island you will see that there are a lot of young people in your same situation and you will feel supported and welcome. Moreover, in Study First Europe we help our students to find a part time job and we try to make your journey of studying abroad easier and safer.

We have recollected some of the places where our students are working at the moment, so you can have an idea on what kind of jobs you can get when you come to study in Malta.

The island is known for having many job opportunities, overall for students. Many people come and go throughout the year and everything is always changing on the island so there are always new job opportunities coming up. Malta is a great choice to study in Europe for many reasons and the high employment rate of the country is one of them. In the long-term, the Malta Employment Rate is projected to trend around 74.93 percent in 2022 and 76.72 percent in 2023. That’s a very high percentage for such a small country.

Here are some of the places where our students are working at the moment. But there are many more, this is just an example for you to have an idea of the kind of jobs you will find when you come to study in Malta.


Greens Supermarket started as a small village store around 25 years ago to finally become one of Malta's leading supermarkets. Offering fresh baked bread, cheeses, hams, meats, household goods and other top quality products.

You are sure to find whatever you may need here, you can find literally anything. And a top advantage is that they have foods from many different parts of the world. You can find Asian food, Arabic food, Italian, Serbian or Mediterranean, among others. So if you like to cook and you want to prepare international dishes, Greens is a good place to have in mind.

Greens Supermarket is located in the heart of Swieqi, near the east coast of the island. And is recognised in the area for its top quality products, and friendly service.

At this moment, we have four of our students working here: Hajar, Ayoub, Salma and Ghita. They are working part time hours in different sections of the supermarket like the bakery, in charge of the supermarket replenishment, kitchen and making orders.

Greens Supermarket Web


The Nordic Bar is a Scandinavian bar located in the heart of busy Paceville by the main stairs close to all amenities. Paceville is a district in St Julian's, the main nightlife hub in Malta, heavily populated with nightclubs, bars, stripclubs, pubs and restaurants, it is also known as 'Malta's Sin City'. It is seen as a party destination in Europe and is a popular place for locals and tourists alike.

They also show live sports from all over the world, you can go and just have a drink while chilling on the sofas watching your favorite team play.

At this moment we have one of our students working here. This is a good option to work if you like the nightlife and working in a busy environment. You will meet and talk to people from many different countries. Nordic Bar tends to get very busy and crowded, especially in summer. You can work here as a waiter or as a bartender, with part time hours while you combine with your studies on the island.

Nordic Bar Web


QuickLets is one of the best known letting agencies here in Malta. It’s the only company on the island that specialises in property rental. We have some students working here as Real Estate Agents.

This job consists in connecting buyers and sellers. Generally, agents are compensated through commission, which is a percentage of the sale of the house. The percentage agents receive depends on their state and brokerage.

As a Real Estate agent you will have to move around the island and show flats and houses to people to buy or rent. This is a good job if you like to be active and change your workspace frequently, this is perfect for those who like to run away a bit from the routine.

For this kind of job it’s a great advantage to have a car, to be able to move around the island easily, but it’s not necessary. However, you can rent electric cars for a cheap price or just choose to work in one area and move around by walking or by bus.

QuickLets Web


Many students are working in hotels on the island. There are many different positions where you can work in a hotel. One of our students is working as a receptionist, this is a good position if you have a goo