Usually when we think about travelling, we think about going around the world, to places that are far away from our countries and with very different cultures but it doesn’t have to be that extreme to experience all the benefits travel can give you.

If you travel to study, this experience can look like driving to the next city to explore or even trying new food in the restaurant near your home. Travel encourages students to get out of their comfort zone and gain cultural fluency. The cultural benefits of studying abroad are endless. No matter where you travel, you are forced to experience something new.

And if you are studying abroad you can experience all of these benefits while you study and work in a different country. And coming to study in Europe can be the first step to get to experience all of this.

If you are reading this, you probably already love to travel. There are uncountable reasons why exploring new cultures and environments is so exciting and enriching. And here I chose the basic TOP 5 reasons to travel and study abroad, just to boost your curiosity a bit more and make it clearer.


Now you might be used to your own town, house, school, your own circle of friends and feel comfortable in that environment. By studying abroad you will learn to get around in a new environment. It may feel a bit uncomfortable at the beginning but that’s where the growth happens, this is how you expand your abilities and your way of seeing the world. You might feel a bit scared and doubtful of taking that big step at the beginning, and usually the first step is the hardest one to take, but once you take it you realise it is not that scary.

Like this, every step you move forward will expand the area of your comfort zone. And once you get used to that, it only gets easier and easier to continue taking more steps. It will get easier to know how to move in a new place, to meet new people, to start a new job and cultural shocks will become a thing of the past. And also when you go back to your country, you will find that many things you struggle with, now will be so much simpler for you to handle.


By living and studying abroad you will face some obstacles, like the language barrier or getting to know how to move around the place or understanding its culture. Travel means constantly being exposed to different challenges, you are exposed to continuously learning new things. By overcoming these challenges is how your confidence will grow, and being abroad will speed up the process.