Millions of international students come to the European Union every year to study, taking advantage of its countless top quality bachelor's, master's and PhD programmes. There are many study programmes delivered in the English language in every faculty, as there has been a heavy focus on English being the language of instruction in higher education establishments due to globalisation.

National higher education systems in all EU countries are aligned and share the same framework and academic equivalents. Another attraction is that tuition fees are much lower than in other parts of the world, such as Great Britain, the USA, Canada and Australia.

For those aspiring to study in the EU, there is a wide range of free scholarships and student support schemes for those who have a high enough IELTS score. In fact, the equivalent of several millions of euros of scholarships is awarded to international students for courses of study throughout Europe.

These scholarships are specially granted to international students from outside the European Union with a view to helping motivated students access and pursue full time undergraduate, master's and PhD programmes in renowned European colleges and universities.

Studying in the EU will also be a massive asset to you in terms of your future career and future employment possibilities. You will meet likeminded friends from the international community and gain real life experience of daily life together in addition to maintaining terrific networking contacts for the future. Diving into this new cosmopolitan academic scene is the best way to gain authentic experience and a real understanding of different people, mindsets and cultures.