It's time to hit the beach! ⛱

We would like to welcome you to sunny Malta and give you a little information that you may find useful. One of the absolutely terrific things about being in Malta is that everywhere you are, you are always close to one of the many beaches and that begins with St George's Bay which is a stone's throw away or a quick bus ride from most of the major language schools. You will see that you have lots of possibilities to swim and sunbathe on both rocky and sandy beaches wherever you are at any given moment, again within walking distance or a bus ride away. The sea is generally clean and safe for swimming because there are no strong tides and the average sea temperature is 23 C in summer and it is possible to swim well into the autumn. People usually sunbathe at the beach until late October in fact.

We know that you will enjoy your time at the beach but we advise you to take care so that you avoid over-exposure to the sun. Even in winter, we suggest you wear sunscreen with a suitable factor for your skin type. This is important if you are out walking, or taking part in water sports. We also recommend you wear sunglasses and a sunhat. If you are sunbathing, we advise you to avoid the strongest sunlight between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm in the summer months.

Weather in Malta 🌞

Malta’s weather is strongly influenced by the sea and we have a very sunny climate with more than twelve hours of sunshine a day in summer and five to six hours in mid-winter.

The summer is hot and dry but you will enjoy the cooling sea breezes. June is the ideal time of year to come for sun and sea because the summer season is just starting and it is not too hot. July to September are the hottest summer months with temperature averages of 30C to 40C. August is always the hottest and busiest month of summer. Make sure you have sandals, lots of shorts and light T-shirts and we really recommend you wear a sun hat. We would like to remind you that beachwear is not allowed when you travel on buses ( bikinis ) and if you are visiting churches you must cover your legs and shoulders.