If you are passionate about good food (like we are!) and you are interested in knowing the cuisine of the places you visit, this article is for you.

Studying abroad is full of advantages and one of them is definitely to be able to try new food from the places you go to. If you come to study in Malta, you can find new and delicious dishes you probably didn’t try before. Living abroad is a good opportunity to get into the culture of another country and what better way to do it than with food.

Due to the relationship that the island has maintained with other countries throughout history, its cuisine is influenced by other interesting cuisines; fundamentally the Italian (because of the proximity of both countries) and the British (Malta was part of the English Empire for a long time).

As you taste their dishes you will discover the winks and influences from these other countries. Be careful as you read! We will make your desire to live and study in Malta grow a bit with these 8 typical Maltese dishes that you must try when you come here.


This little puff pastry is filled with ricotta cheese or peas and it’s one of the most popular snacks on the island. There are a lot of shops around, known as pastizzerias, they are small shops and you can find them almost in every corner and always at a very good price. Maltese people eat it very often for breakfast or as a snack and a unit of these pastries usually costs less than 1€.


Gbejniet is one of the typical cheeses from the small island of Gozo. The main ingredient is goat's milk with salt and rennet. However, on the island of Gozo, traditional Maltese meals are accompanied by a variation of the recipe that uses sheep's milk instead. An ideal plan would be to accompany the cheese with a slice of Hobza bread, typical round and thick bread, and with wine from the region. This cheese can come in 2 ways of presentation. One is dry, fresh and cured in salt, which gives it a nutty flavour, and the other is fresh and cured pepper with a similar flavour to mozzarella cheese.


As we mentioned before, Maltese food has been greatly influenced by Italian food, so you will find many typical dishes in Malta which base is the typical Italian pasta. Timpana is an example. It is a plate of macaroni stuffed with minced meat and hard boiled egg covered with a layer of puff pastry and baked. The result is a delicious, cake-like Maltese dish. This dish is also usually sold in street shops or bakeries, and it is exquisite. It is like a kind o