We know that sometimes it takes great effort to get started in studying and even thinking about it can make you feel stressed and wanting to avoid it or postpone it. To be constant and to create your study routine takes dedication and discipline. But the advantages when you have your space and environment set up are worth it.

The task of finding the right place to study and make it your own might be a bit more difficult when you are studying abroad. If you are already studying abroad or you plan to study in Europe we have some tips that will help you to find your sweet and cozy environment to make the most of your study sessions.

1. Organise your desk

Keeping a tidy and organised desk helps you to clear your mind and will make it easier for you to focus on your study. You will be spending plenty of time sitting at your desk so better make an effort to create a nice place to stay. A tidy desk is an effective desk. Check that everything in your desk has its own place and keep it always the same to avoid accumulating the mess from coming easily again and just let in your desk the things you truly need to have at hand and eliminate the rest.

2. Pick one place

Try to use, as far as possible, the space you choose exclusively for studying. This will help your mind to get into work-mode or study-mode as soon as you sit down at your desk. If you use your bed or the dining table to study, you will start associating study with night time or with eating. This can be mentally shaking, since you will always have new distractions to process and defeat and you may feel some resistance to get focused on the study. If it’s not possible for you to always have the same study space, try to make the spaces you study in as tidy and smooth as possible. The place you choose should be ideally near you, probably at your home and a place you like.

3. Enhance it up

An important part of creating your study space has a lot to do with aesthetics and pleasing your view. If you study in a place that you like and you find beautiful, it would be easier for you to want to spend time there. Remember that this space is just for YOU, so you can be free to choose what you like to have around and make it exactly how you feel it will suit your study needs and habits. Feel free to experiment while designing your space and take your time to get the best of it. By personalising your study space you will reinforce focus and you will help yourself to look forward to studying. You can also add some scenic candles to help you get in a cozy and comfortable mood and put on some relaxing music if you like to study with some background sound. But be careful, don’t make it too relaxing or you would feel like sleeping instead.