If you are thinking about studying in Europe and specially in the beautiful island of Malta, you must have a basic level of the English language. The official languages of Malta are both Maltese and English. The Maltese language is a mix of other languages like Arabic, Italian and English and it may be a bit difficult to learn, but don’t worry! Everybody in Malta speaks English, if you know English you can defend yourself in this country.

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You have to know there are no miracles when learning a new language. It’s something that takes time and effort but there are ways to accelerate the process. And the most important thing, to enjoy while you learn! There is no shortcut to learning English overnight, but with these tips you will make the process faster and more enjoyable.


This is the most typical tip you may have heard about. But it’s truly helpful! If you get used to watching movies or series in English (with subtitles in your own language at first and English subtitles when you understand more, or even without subtitles) your brain will assimilate the new sounds and they will get familiar with time.

Scientists named this type of learning as unconscious or implicit learning. In this type of learning you don’t need to be sitting down on a desk repeating yourself grammatical rules again and again. Implicit learning occurs even if you don’t try. All you have to do is listen to lots of English even without paying attention. When you listen to the English language in the background, your brain automatically absorbs the sounds, accents, words and grammar even if you are not paying attention or taking notes. And imagine if you do! If you are watching a movie you will like to know what the characters are saying and you will try to understand. The more movies you watch the easier and faster you will understand. So, you know what to do, make some popcorn and enjoy a carefree English class.


Very similar to the first tip is listening to songs in English, this is almost the same way of learning as you get used to the sounds of the words. You can listen to songs while you read the lyrics and try to sing along. And when you don’t know the meaning of a word, go search for it and try to remember every time you listen to the song. In this way you will learn loads of vocabulary and slang as sometimes in songs they use this type of language consisting of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal and more common in speech than writing.