You might think Malta is a good destination to go when studying abroad. But some people think about Malta just for the summer, but the truth is Malta is a good destination any time of the year. There are a lot of reasons to come visit the island in winter while you attend your studies. And if you are thinking about any place to study in Europe during winter, Malta is one of the best choices.

One of the reasons why Malta is a good destination even in winter is because of the good weather. In Valletta, the capital of Malta, the sun shines about 3,000 hours each year, which makes it the sunniest city in Europe. That’s a lot compared to other countries in Europe. Temperatures here in winter range from 10 to 17 degrees from January to February, and from 18 to 25 in December and March. That’s the perfect weather to go sightseeing and do some activities around the island, as it’s not too hot nor too cold.

Another reason why Malta is good to visit in winter is because it is less crowded. During the last few years, tourism in Malta has grown exponentially and the island is filling with people from all over the world. But winter is a good time to stay on the island, and enjoy walking through the streets or going to bars and restaurants in a more peaceful atmosphere. Also the prices go down in winter, you can see cheaper prices when it comes to the public transport and activities around the island.

So with that being said, here are 6 places you can visit while you are studying in Malta during this fantastic winter season that is about to come:


Gozo is a great place to visit in winter, during this season you can enjoy Gozo at its best, as you can see green and beautiful landscapes that normally you don’t see in summer. Getting there is relatively easy and a real adventure. You have to take a bus to Cirkewwa, where you will board the ferry to Mgarr in Gozo. This way you can see the island of Comino up close.

Gozo's main attraction is its capital, Victoria, also known as Rabat. There you can visit the Baroque churches and the impressive Cittadella fortress. You can also see nature landscapes such as cliffs that unfold from Mgarr Harbor to Dwejra, fortified villages with monumental churches, red sand beaches and virgin coves. And not to be missed the majestic Basilica of Ta' Pinu, located near the village of Għarb.


Malta is known, among many other things that make this a unique destination, for having a history that goes back 7,000 years. The Megalithic Temples of Malta are several prehistoric temples, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, built by Neolithic inhabitants during three distinct periods approximately between 3600 BC and 2500 BC. They are considered older than even the Egyptian pyramids and the oldest temples around the world. The temples are a testament to a tradition of prehistoric architecture that is totally unique to this part of the world.