We know what it’s like
to be an International Student

We understand how important this journey is, and we’re here to
make sure your experience as an international student is
everything you want it to be.

We are firm believers in the concept of quality education available for all, irrespective of Gender or Nationality.

Hearing stories of potentially brilliant international students who have had their dreams of further education blighted and hopes of a better future shattered into pieces have become common occurrences that we have become used to hearing on a daily basis.

Indeed, so many potential students become embroiled in endless and confusing Google searches to find out further information about studying abroad. On frequent occasions, they either do not find the answers to their questions easily or even relinquish their plans of applying to colleges and universities altogether because it seems so dauntingly difficult. 

In 2017,  while walking with my parents in Marrakech, I suddenly received a call from the Maltese consulate, asking me why I wanted to study in Malta and what my goal was after finishing my studies. I answered that I wanted to study English, continue my studies and earn an MBA. Within a five-minute call, I had obtained my visa allowing me to study in Malta.  When I actually came to the island, there were times when life lived up to my expectations and others when it did not. Coming here and fully integrating a different culture with different rules and regulations was overwhelming at times and yet, most of those grueling moments could easily have been avoided, had there been a specialized support service which made me feel that there was a lending hand offering sincere assistance and caring, individual guidance. 

Study First Europe was created by international students for international students to solve this huge problem, and bring value to the economy. Our philosophy is open-minded and enthusiastic. We are raring to create so many services in Malta in such an innovative manner on account of having been in the shoes of all of the students we aim to help and we are growing fast. Our cosmopolitan team combines different nationalities of local, African, European, Asian, and American origin.  We understand the importance of top-quality education and we support international students so that they can study abroad and achieve that dream of living the experience, allowing their true potential to see the light of day, of being a part of this international world, and making a relevant contribution to society. 

Study First Europe

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