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We help international students reach their study goals

We understand the importance of top-quality education and we support international students so that they can study abroad and achieve that dream of living the experience, allowing their true potential to see the light of day, of being a part of this international world and making a relevant contribution to society 

Study First Europe was created by international students for international students to guide, help and assist them, and to bring value to the economy. Our philosophy is open-minded and enthusiastic. We are raring to create so many services in Malta in such an innovative manner on account of having been in the shoes of all of the students we aim to help. Our cosmopolitan team combines different nationalities of local, African, European, Asian, and American origin.

1- Educational Orientation: 

We provide a full educational consultancy with help to select the right programme and school. We also focus on introducing the lifestyle, rules, and benefits of studying in Malta and other European Union states. Since we ourselves have been international students,  we share our own experiences with the applicants and answer their questions by responding to their concerns and doubts.

2- Profile Review:

After checking all the applicants' educational and financial documents, we begin the preparation of a sound profile which allows them to be accepted on their chosen program.

3-University and school admissions: 

We take great care of all the processes to register the student for admission. In addition, we prepare our students to pass a successful admission interview if need be.

4- Visa Assistance: 

Thanks to our years of experience with different countries, and have had to face various issues with different cases in the process of visa applications, we have created a protocol that increases the likelihood for the right applicants to successfully obtain their visa.

5- SFE Welcome:

We prepare our students with an optimal start to life in their new home by providing: 


  • Accommodation at the best prices possible. 

  • Airport pickup

  • Study First Europe package ( Rucksack- T-shirt - Mask - Notebook - Sim Card )

  • Transport application 

  • Temporary student residence permit  application 

6-Internships and Part-time Employment:

Thanks to the market’s dynamics,  we have implemented collaboration with many companies to provide them with students for an internship or part-time jobs.

7- Language Training : 

We ensure that our students are prepared to integrate and are able to communicate when they arrive. We provide online lessons from the beginning of the process, delivered by a native speaker teacher with almost thirty years of teaching experience. 

8- Psychologist / Personal Coach:

Our students equally benefit from a session with a fully qualified therapist during their study period allowing for a smoother integration into the new culture, allowing them to develop their personality faster. 


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