Masters of Science in Mechatronics (90 ECTS)


The Master of Science in Mechatronics programme provides students with a broad range of knowledge and skills in the field of automation and control of production processes and equipment, as well as in the field of mechatronic devices and systems control. It focuses on the study of network technologies (e.g. Ethernet, Industrial Protocol, Profinet, Modbus, Profibus, Devicenet, Control Net), and the development of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system construction. The practical use of real-time systems is also an important part of the programme. Students shall apply the theoretical principles of industrial robotics and mechatronics, mechatronic and robotic actuators, and modern technologies of microcontroller applications.

Course Duration

5 Semesters

Entry Requirements

Relevant degree,MQF Level 5 qualification and adequate professional experience are also considered.

Careers & Progression

Mechatronics engineering technologists use a combination of mechanical, electrical, computer and software skills to work with smart technologies, such as robots, automated guided systems and computer-integrated manufacturing equipment. Here are some other items that they do:

Assist in the design of robotic and intellegent equipment
Develop products and build protypes
Assist engineering staff with the design and development of projects ranging from ATMs to large manufacturing plants
Manages electrical and mechanical systems
Tests new equipment
Installs new equipment

Exit Strategy

Post-Graduate Certificate in Mechatronics (30 Credits)
Post- Graduate Diploma in Mechatronics (60 Credits)
Full Master in Mechatronics (90 Credits)