Master of Science in Lean Enterprise


The Master of Science in Lean Enterprise includes lean problemsolving methodologies, and demonstrates contemporary lean thinking principles, lean enterprise development and value stream mapping, including modern enterprise improvement techniques such as Six Sigma, the theory of constraints and business process re-engineering. It applies process analysis to business activities, methods improvement and work measurement to meet the competitive goals of a business environment. It evaluates the key characteristics of quality and the quality philosophy through established lean methods of quality improvement.

Course Duration

5 semesters

Entry Requirements

Relevent Degree

Careers & Progression

Graduates have advanced to key positions as Site Leads in Lean, Operational Excellence, or CI. Many have been headhunted by other organisations, and others have become Lean Service Providers offering consultancy and training

Exit Strategy

Post-Graduate Certificate in Lean Enterprise (30 Credits)
Post- Graduate Diploma in Lean Enterprise (60 Credits)
Full Master in Lean Enterprise (90 Credits)