Diploma in Deck Operations


This study programme is intended for learners who in future intend to apply for the course of Advanced Diploma in Deck Operations which also leads to Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch. This course is also an opportunity for those learners who would like to find a job and actively work in a maritime environment such as a deck crew on board ships and gain valuable sea time, or in an inshore marina job. The Diploma in Deck Operations course will deliver a solid foundation in general ship knowledge, seamanship and navigation, and provides an understanding of the basic legislative environment within which ships operate. This course also provides an opportunity for learners to complete the STCW basic safety training components. Learners will also be able to sit for the GMDSS ROC and Commercial Vessel Boatmaster Grade 1 examinations, provided that other requirements stipulated by Transport Malta are met.

Course Duration

1 Year

Requirements :

Progression :