Advanced Diploma in Deck Operations(Also leading to OIC Navigational Watch)


This Advanced Diploma programme is designed to prepare candidates for a career in the maritime sector. This programme also prepares such candidates to qualify for a Certificate of Competence as an Officer In Charge of a Navigational Watch on ocean-going merchant vessels. The course consists of a number of maritime related subjects such as Navigation, Meteorology, Signals, Ship Knowledge and Stability, Cargo Operations, International Regulations, and a high level of physical fitness training and leadership training in which all candidates are expected to participate. Officer Cadets are expected to wear a merchant marine uniform whilst undergoing training both ashore and on board ships. Officer Cadets attending the course will be assisted in finding a sponsor for the practical training period at sea during the third phase of training on the course. The programme eventually includes a compulsory 12 months sea placement after the first two years of the course.

Course Duration

3 years (2 years full-time followed by 12 months experience at sea)

Requirements :

Progression :