Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Multimedia Software Development (180 ECVET)


This degree programme is intended for those learners who are keen on developing interactive and media rich software applications such as games and mobile applications. In this course one will learn how to develop software applications, create the required multimedia content and integrate this content with the created application. This course covers 2D and 3D Graphic Design, Computer Animation, Sound Design, Visual Effects, Object-Oriented Programming, Mobile Application Development and other similar modules. This course is intended for individuals who have an artistic inclination and are also good in programming.

Admission Requirements

Advanced Diploma in IT Recommended streams: Computer Systems and Networks, End User Support or Advanced Diploma in Electronics (Computer Engineering) or 2 A-Level passes and 2 I-Level passes Compulsory A-Level: Computing Compulsory A-Level or I-Level: One subject from Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics

Course Duration

3 Years Full-Time