Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business Analytics (180 ECVET)


This degree programme is aimed at those individuals who wish to learn how to utilise data to address the most demanding challenges in today’s business world. Through the use of an applied methodology, analytical skills and hands-on lab sessions, learners will learn how to use analytical tools to derive insight on hidden trends and patterns in order to leverage business success. One will learn how to develop, implement and test bespoke solutions for resolving problems in specific scenarios. Additional units will cover aspects such as: improving one’s own critical thinking skills, building strategies for promoting businesses, understanding consumer behaviour and learning about laws governing a business process.

Admission Requirements

Advanced Diploma in IT Recommended streams: Computer Systems and Networks, End User Support or Advanced Diploma in Electronics (Computer Engineering) or 2 A-Level passes and 2 I-Level passes Compulsory A-Level: Computing Compulsory A-Level or I-Level: One subject from Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics

Course Duration

3 Years Full-Time